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Encyclopedia Brown Tracks Them Down (encyclopedia Brown #8)

Encyclopedia Brown Tracks Them Down


Author: Donald J. Sobol

Your kids will love Encyclopedia Brown Tracks Them Down. Written by Donald J. Sobol and the publisher is Yearling. It became available sometime in 1982. The book has 128 pages. The children's book weighs approximately 1.1 lbs. Buy your copy of this children's book, click on our affilate link on this page.

A tiny submarine that flies through the    air. Some tipsy    birds. Try to crack the circumstances along with    him--the answers to all the mysteries are discovered in    the back! A half-dollar worth five thousand    dollars. A planet that fits in the palm of your    hand. And a case that turns out to grow to be a    genuine can of worms! These are just    a few of the ten brain-twisting mysteries that    Encyclopedia Brown must solve by employing his famous    computerlike brain.


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