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Encyclopedia Brown: Volume 1 (boy Detective And The Case Of The Secret Pitch)

Encyclopedia Brown: Volume 15 Star Rating
Encyclopedia Brown Volume 1
"Encyclopedia Brown: Volume 1"

Your child will love Encyclopedia Brown: Volume 1 (boy Detective And The Case Of The Secret Pitch). The author is Donald J. Sobol and it was published on the 10th of June, 2013 by Random House. To get your own personal print of this book, click on our affilate add to shopping cart button.

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Brand: Random House
ISBN: 1400089816
Author: Donald J. Sobol

Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective: A Civil War sword, A watermelon stabbing, Missing roller skates, a trapeze artist's inheritance, An eyewitness who's legally blind. Encyclopedia Brown and The case of the Secret Pitch: A cross-eyed basball pitch, A missing penknife named Excalibur, Poems that pack a punch, A kid-lover turned kidnapper, And some tall tales that come up brief! Try to crack the cases in addition to him. These are just a few of the brain-twisting mysteries that Encyclopedia Brown ought to solve by utilizing his famous computerlike brain.


  • Format: Unabridged

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